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Laidlaw Carriers Van LP has built its reputation in the industry as a quality carrier. We are an extension of your supply chain. With customer service being our primary focus, we pride ourselves on being able to offer you diverse, flexible and reliable transport solutions. This is what our reputation is built upon.

We value the partnerships we have developed over the years and the relationships made. Laidlaw appreciates our customers' business.

To learn more about any of our services below call 1-800-263-8267 or email sales@laidlawvan.ca.

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  • Truckload Solutions: Modern Equipment and the latest technologies make Laidlaw an extension of your business to be proud of.

  • Freight Management: Laidlaw is the solution for all of your transportation needs.

  • Hazardous Materials: Laidlaw specializes in moving hazardous shipments.

  • Dedicated Solutions: A dedicated lane or dedicated equipment Laidlaw has the solution.

  • LTL: Next Day delivery of LTL between the GTA and points in the United States.

  • Heated Service: Protect from freeze equipment.

Truckload Solutions

Tandem Dry Van - Operating throughout North America our tandem dry van fleet is capable of hauling 44,500 lbs between Canada and the United States and 50,000 lbs. domestically within Canada.

Multi Axle Dry Van - Operating between Ontario, Quebec and Michigan and within Ontario and Quebec our quad dry van fleet is capable of hauling between 60,000 and 80,000 lbs.

Heated Dry Van - When protect from freeze is required Laidlaw has you covered. We offer heated dry van service domestically and cross border in specific lanes.

Freight Management

In a time when focus on your own business is paramount working with a quality carrier that can respond with complete forward thinking, cost effective transportation solutions is imperative.

Our experience and network of partner carriers coupled with company assets allow us to meet all of your transportation needs.

Hazardous Materials

Laidlaw is one of the elite carriers that provides their customers with the ability to move Hazardous Materials and/or Dangerous Goods loads. Laidlaw's experienced drivers and staff move these loads seamlessly and with ease providing the paperwork required. Laidlaw also has an in house 24 hr customs support center.

Dedicated Solutions

Our expertise and best practices provide Laidlaw Carriers Van LP the ability to create dedicated solutions for clients both existing and new. Whether you are looking to replace your private fleet, create round trips or develop consistent 1 way routes, Laidlaw can be your answer. You will benefit from our late model equipment, our driving staff that is best in the industry and our vast network of complimentary business that will keep your costs down.

Offering a competitive advantage without jeopardizing service is what Laidlaw is all about. We will be an extension of your business that will keep your costs down.


Our Express LTL Service provides a 24 hour "pickup to delivery" service (to and from specified cities) allowing you to minimize inventory costs. Our Canadian and U.S. partners, along with our dedicated driving professionals are the competitive solution to your LTL shipping needs.

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