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Safety & Maintenance

Environmental Dedication

At Laidlaw, we consider environmental stewardship within the trucking industry a serious business. That's why we're SmartWay partners with the United States Environmental Protection Agency and Natural Resources Canada. We're committed to reducing our carbon footprint by implementing "green" initiatives that offer more sustainable ways to deliver your freight, minimizing the negative impact the transportation sector has on our planet.  

In 2014 & 2015, Laidlaw Carriers as part of the Contrans Group was honored with a SmartWay®Excellence Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as a true industry leader in freight supply chain environmental performance and energy efficiency.   We were one of only 44 partners in 2014 and 56 in 2015 across North America to receive this distinction, representing the best environmental performers of SmartWay’s nearly 3000 Partners!  

The annual SmartWay Excellence Award honors top shipping (retailers and manufacturers) and logistics company partners for superior environmental performance and additional actions to reduce freight emissions through effective collaboration, advanced technology and operational practices, a robust system for validating and reporting their SmartWay data and communications and public outreach. 

The SmartWay Excellence Award also recognizes top truck, barge, and multi-modal carrier partners that are setting efficiency benchmarks in how they move products and supplies.

“SmartWay carriers deserve our gratitude for a decade of progress in cutting carbon pollution and other air pollutants," said Chris Grundler, Director, EPA’s Office of Transportation & Air Quality. "They have reduced thousands of tons of dangerous pollutants and raised the bar on a sustainable transportation future, all while saving money in fuel costs.”  



Here's how we're doing our part:

  • Aerodynamic, fuel-efficient trucks promise better performance, reduction in emissions and optimization in fuel usage.
  • We are updating our trailing fleet with aerodynamic side skirts to further optimize fuel economy. Over the last 2 years, we have upgraded 455 trailers in our fleet with this technology.
  • By using advanced designs and clean technologies, we improve fuel economy and air quality while lowering our operating costs.
  • By using optimal grade, low resistance tires, we maximize fuel economy which in turn reduces emissions.
  • Mobile communications including in-cab scanners help to cut down on our paper usage and allow us to decrease our out-of-route miles with built-in GPS and fuel station updates. These measures give us the ability to monitor and decrease idle time, maximizing fuel economy.

Our comprehensive environmental program reflects our dedication to meeting customer demand for increased sustainability performance. With these cost-effective practices and clean technologies in place, we can guarantee more efficient and environmentally-friendly freight transport operations which also promise increased productivity, reduction of harmful carbon emissions and improvement of fuel economy and safety.


Equipment Maintenance & Safety

The average age of our tractors and trailers is two years or less. We replace our Tractors every 4 years and our Trailers every 7 years. During those periods, our equipment is inspected more frequently than government requirements and is continually maintained to ensure our CVOR Overall Violation Rate and CSA Basics are at a level that leads the industry!

In 2012, we achieved Platinum Plus status on our Northbridge Insurance™ Safety Systems Management Report.  This report was developed by Northbridge using the knowledge and insights that come from more than 60 years serving the trucking industry. It is the only report that shows how we rank in comparison to 100 percent Canadian trucking data, benchmarking our company against over 1,000 other fleets.

Achieving Platinum Plus status means our company ranks among the top five percent in Canadian trucking, particularly when it comes to our commitment to road safety and the uninterrupted flow of goods in Canada.  To view a copy of our Platinum award or our current CVOR and CSA standings, please click on the links.



Driver Training

All newly hired Drivers and Owner-Operators undergo extensive background checks, drug and alcohol testing and road testing prior to attending a mandatory 3 day orientation and training class. During the class, they are taught Hours of Service regulations, Defensive Driving, Dangerous Goods/Hazardous Goods Transportation, Freight Handling and Load Security, Customs Procedures as well as Company Procedures as it pertains to Scaling Policy, Health and Safety Training and required Safety Equipment and Materials. Ongoing training is provided on a semi-annual basis at mandatory Safety meetings or on an individual basis as required. In addition, our drivers are trained on our Mobile Communication and Electronic Logging systems.